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ADEPP is an innovative Decision Making Tool.

It is an object-oriented software package which utilises data generated by process, instrumentation, control system and risk
assessment of an installation to determine the HSE criticality of both hardware and software systems.

A combination of generic event tree and flow logic is used to assess the contribution of any specific system to the annual fatality rate
(AFR), damage cost, environmental impact for a range of hazardous events e.g. gas release, jet fire, pool fire, explosion etc., for
different areas of the installation. (the event logic may be customised for a specific installation in closed co-operation of ADEPP
Academy advisors and client representative). This determines whether a system is safety critical and enables performance standards
to be produced.

These standards produce bases of calculations that are traceable and audible based on numerical risk assessments and can be
compared with relevant codes and standards and can be updated to reflect the life cycle of the installation.

The key features of ADEPP can be summarised as follows:

  • Dynamic consequence analysis such as evaluation of jet and pool fire for any process line rupture
  • Dynamic models for three phase vapour- liquid equilibrium separators
  • Event logic accessibility for any module of the installation
  • Combined Event tree and Fault tree analysis for determination of critical system and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Assessment
    based on defined criteria and results of QRA
  • Easy access and editing the Performance Standards of critical safety systems
  • Audio-visual tractability of design philosophy, assumptions and calculations
  • Windows interface between the results of other simulation packages on window like DEGATEC and CHARM. For windows
    based software, ADEPP can link with any desired programs.
  • Electronic Archiving system  
  • Electronic HSE Case
  • Electronic Quality Manual.
What is ADEPP?