ADEPP monitor provides the list of generic SCEs as per UKOOA guidelines. It also provided the template for the development of the
Performance Standards.  The project team can insert the applicable codes and standards, project referential, and HSE studies to
demonstration that the design meets the required Criteria given in performance standards.

The list of SCEs can be updated online by the designers, operator and verification parties at any time for review and comments.

Application of the open source data base in ADEPP monitor enables the project team, consultant, verification party to review and
comments on the SCE identification matrix and their performance standards. This reduce considerably the travel cost for clarification
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In summary the main features of the ADEPP monitor are as follows:

  • Secure online access to the SCE identification matrix, Performance standards, Critical  activities , Critical Tasks and  written

  • Traceable and auditable “textual rational” in form of: the checklist for simple requirements, multilayer traceability model for more
    complex requirements.

  • Combined event tree and fault tree analysis for quanatitative determination of safety critical elements and assessment of the
    possible options.

  • Possibility to add, delete or modify the SCE identification Matrix and allocation of new activity and tasks.

  • Possibility to keep the activity log and monitor the progress of each activity or task. This could also be served as HSE concern

  • Possibility of allocating the critical tasks to any requirement of the performance standard without any limits. All revisions of a given
    tasks are accessible immediately.

  • Possibility of linking to HSE register and other relevant HSE action tracking system for HAZID,  HAZOP, BOW-TIE , FIREPRAN, etc..

  • Possibility of linking the results of dynamic simulation and HSE studies such as curves, tables, texts and images.

  • Management of the Dynamic project information & knowledge  including the evidences from the results of HSE studies (curves,
    tables, texts and images) of important supporting documents such as Fire & Explosion study, Dynamic Simulation.

  • Linkage by web link to the project documents such as procedures and technical guidelines available in the intranet of the project.

  • Linkage by web link to the vendor, third party documents such as procedures and technical guidelines available in their website

  • Efficient management of change. The discipline leaders will be informed automatically about the changes and the required tasks
    for  updating the relevant documents or activities. All actions revisions and their responses are stored and can be revisited at any
ADEPP monitor
ADEPP monitor
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