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Whenever the risk management system may call for the use of risk assessment and training of personnel ADEPP in combination
with other risk assessment tools like PHAST, DEGATEC, LOGAN, etc. may be used from concept design to operation of any process

ADEPP  may be used during the following stages in the life of a process:

Concept design and planning
  • To choose the process by analysing the consequence of release and respond time of safety systems.
  • To determine the best site for the facilities versus the reliability of process control system.
  • To determine the process vulnerable zones.
  • To determine the goal for safety systems.
  • To provide a back-up for safety review.

Detailed design
  • To determine the overall accept ability of the installation based on the latest P&ID and layout of the installation.
  • To incorporate the event logic diagram for different scenario of the risk.
  • To establish performance standards for safety critical systems.
  • To provide a back-up for HAZOP studies

Construction & commissioning
  • To evaluate and the consequence and frequency of accident where equipment on the site is damaged due to construction
  • To determine the appropriate start-up procedure based on dynamic simulation.

  • To train the operators of the hazards associated with the facility.
  • To assist in emergency respond planning.

Modification and decommissioning
  • Easy access to the HSE Case, consequence analysis, fault tree analysis, and performance standards, procedures,
    management of change will be improved.
When to use ADEPP?