ADEPP designed to serve as a life cycle, traceable and auditable reference for the
hazardous projects. It also serve as a reliable and user-friendly
interface between the
different disciplines and different phases of the project. It improves the decision making
the documented rationales, assumptions, design philosophies and calculations and
studies of the project.

ADEPP is a unique, sophisticated suite of risk-management software known as ADEPP ™
acronym for
Analysis and Dynamic Evaluation of Project Processes.

ADEPP HSE-Toolkit and ADEPP monitor are derived to suit particular needs of the
capital projects.

ADEPP HSE-Toolkit is customised for the followings:
- Application of dynamic simulation for consequence assessment in HAZOP, SIL
Assessment, Alarm management and Fire & Explosion study.
- Application of combined Event tree and Fault tree analysis for determination of Safety
Critical Elements.
- Training of the operators
- Maintenance Manuals

ADEPP monitor is customised for the followings:
- The brainstorming worksheets, action tracking and follow-up for HAZID, ENVID, HAZOP,
SIL Assessment, SCE assessment, P&ID review, Model review, etc.
- Contract, Regulation, Certification and Standard compliance
- Performance Standards
- HSE audits
- Online HSE Case

Please don't hesitate to share your inputs, feedbacks and requirements. Our main goal
is to bring a useful and fruitful assistance to you and your project.
ADEPP Application