Technical Assistance

ADEPP Academy provides a variety of technical solutions for Technical Safety
Code based and Risk based jobs.

We accept the jobs from scratch or review and verification jobs.

Our specialist could be present at the client office or work from distance via
internet and teleconferences.
Customised Training

ADEPP Academy provides the customised Training for the designers and
operators. The training courses include Process Safety and Safety barrier
management, HSE case, Bow-Tie,
Safety Criticality test, Performance
,Risk assesment,  Dynamic Consequence Modelling, data gathering
and historical data.

The training courses could be provide
on the job and/or online.
Research & Development

ADEPP Academy is capable to assist in R&D and innovative projects. We are
interested in  the Technical safety, process safety, RAMS and dynamic
simulation subjects.

We are also excited to collaborate with
International and Cooperative